For Mentees

Who Can Become a Mentee?

Trainees and applicants who are working towards their professional designation.

Why Should I Become a Mentee?

To take advantage of the professional network at Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia in order to grow professionally and personally. As a mentee progresses throughout his or her career, a mentor can provide them with valuable wisdom, knowledge, and advice on the path to professional licensure. Access to this program is included in your registration, so there is no additional cost.

What is Required?

A mentor is here to guide you, but it is important to show the willingness to learn and be prepared for each meeting.

What is Involved?

A mentee receives mentorship on the Engineers and Geoscientists BC registration process from mentors who have been trained on the Competency Experience Reporting System and/or work experience requirements of the organization.

How Do I Get Involved?

  1. Apply for the Mentoring program as a mentee.
  2. Once you have qualified for the program, your request for a mentor is posted in the online mentoring program database.
  3. At that time, you may view the Mentor Listing profiles of available mentors and request a match.
  4. The mentoring program coordinator will assist you in finding a match with a professional registrant.

More Information

Register as a Mentee

Register as a mentee to take advantage of the professional network at Engineers and Geoscientists BC in order to grow professionally and personally.

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Mentor Listing

Visit our online database to view profiles of available mentors.

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Resources for Mentees

To ensure you get the most out of the program, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has created several resources to assist you.

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FAQs for Mentees

View frequently asked questions from current and potential mentees.

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My Mentoring Program Profile

View and edit your existing mentoring program profile.

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