FAQ for Mentors

When the Professional Governance Act (PGA) came into force earlier this year, it introduced restrictions on certain advocacy activities for regulators under its purview, including Engineers and Geoscientists BC. The intent of these restrictions is to ensure that regulatory bodies focus on activities that support their regulatory mandate, and avoid activities focused on the interests of registrants.

As required by the Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance, the provincial entity that now oversees our activities, Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Council undertook a detailed and strategic review of our programming. While our core operations and many other programs can continue, some programs, including our Mentoring Program, will need to be realigned to meet our regulatory mandate under the PGA.

Council sees tremendous value in continuing to have a Mentoring Program and considered the best way to maintain this program while ensuring compliance with the PGA. Their review determined that we could maintain a Mentoring Program if the program was refocused to support mentees through Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s registration process.

As such, the program will be realigned to focus on supporting the path to licensure and successful registration for engineers-in-training or geoscientists-in-training and applicants. To that end, the program will no longer include career counselling, retirement and succession planning, entrepreneurship, or other general business or career mentoring. In addition, to support this change, eligibility to participate in the program has changed: moving forward, mentees must be trainees (EITs or GITs) or applicants.