Student Team Funding & Recipients

Applications for student team funding are now closed.

Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia supports future engineers and geoscientists by offering funding to student organizations and teams across the province. We award funding based on a combination of factors including project description, equity, diversity and inclusion, benefit to students, financial need, and the promotion of the professions of engineering or geoscience.

2021 Awarded recipients

  • Kainai Community Project
  • SFU Earth Sciences Student Union
  • UBC AeroDesign
  • UBC Concrete Toboggan Design Team
  • UBC Mars Colony
  • UBC Open Robotics
  • UBC Orbit Satellite Design Team
  • UBC Rocket
  • UBC Smart City
  • UBC Submarine Design Team
  • UBC Thunderbots
  • UBCO Concrete Toboggan Team
  • WWEST Annual General Meeting and Retreat

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