Engineers and Geoscientists BC
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Review a Decision

Under the Professional Governance Act andEngineers and Geoscientists BC’s Bylaws, applicants for registration may apply to have a decision of the Credentials Committee reviewed as a reconsideration or as a review on the record within 30 days of receiving the decision. Both processes involve reviewing the decision-making process to ensure procedural fairness was applied. 

Reconsideration of a Decision

An applicant should apply for a reconsideration if they wish to submit new documentation not previously provided to the Credentials Committee during their initial application which they believe may impact the Committee’s decisionThe applicant’s reconsideration request, their reasons for submitting the request, and their new documentation is reviewed by the Credentials Committee together with their original application. 

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Review on the Record

A review on the record is conducted by the Registrar. They evaluate the original application, including any documents the applicant provided to the Credentials Committee as part of their initial application. Should the applicant wish to submit new documentation as part of their review on the record application, they must provide a detailed justification for why it was not previously given to the Credentials Committee. 

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