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Reconsideration of a Decision

A reconsideration of a decision is conducted by the Credentials Committee. An applicant should apply for a reconsideration if they wish to submit new documentation not presented during their initial application. The applicant’s reconsideration request, their reasons for submitting the request, and their new documentation will be reviewed by the Credentials Committee together with their original application. 

Application for Reconsideration of a Decision

Within 30 days of receiving a decision made by the Credentials Committee, applicants may apply in writing to the Credentials Committee for a reconsideration. This process applies to decisions regarding the assignment of examinations, courses, interviews, seminars, and/or additional work experience.  

If the request for a reconsideration is not submitted within 30 days of receiving notice of the Credentials Committee’s decision, the decision made by the Committee stands. An applicant is considered to have received notice on the date the decision is emailed to the email address provided at the time of application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that their email address is kept up to date. 

An applicant applying for a reconsideration of a decision must provide, in writing: 

  • The original decision(s) of the Credentials Committee; 
  • The reasoning as to why the applicant believes the decision of the Credentials Committee was flawed; 
  • Any evidence that was not previously available or provided to the Credentials Committee that the applicant wants to submit for consideration 
  •  Evidence must be provided within 60 days of submission of the application for reconsideration; and 
  • The relief sought by the applicant. 

Please note that all applicable reconsideration fees must be submitted with the application to proceed with the reconsideration. 

Outcomes of a Reconsideration of a Decision

The Credentials Committee will review the request and make a decision following reassessment of the application. Upon review, the Credentials Committee will either confirm the original decision or substitute its original decision. 

After the Credentials Committee has considered the applicant’s application, it will provide its determination and reasons for the outcome to the applicant in writing. Only one application for reconsideration will be accepted related to a decision of the Credentials Committee. An applicant who is not satisfied with the reconsideration decision of the Credentials Committee may apply for a review on the record.

How Much Does It Cost?

Please refer to the Fee Schedule for the reconsideration fee.


For more information about the reconsideration of a decision process, please contact Registration Support at [email protected] or call 604.412.4856.