Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Keith E Fenton Memorial Scholarship

Application Guidelines

The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation is pleased to offer the Keith E Fenton Engineering Scholarship, valued at $4,000, to a deserving BC high school student enrolled in a civil engineering program at a BC post-secondary institution. The recipient will be selected on the basis of academic achievement, community involvement, a recommendation, and a student statement. 

This scholarship is offered in honour of Keith E Fenton, P.Eng. Keith was a well-respected engineering professional who was proud of his professional designation and passionate about civil engineering. Keith spent the majority of his career in British Columbia, where he worked in the private sector, for the City of Kamloops, and for the company he co-founded. He was an active volunteer with Engineers and Geoscientists BC, the Coho Society of the North Shore, and other local organizations. Keith was known to be generous with his time and knowledge, particularly when it came to helping young engineers starting their careers.


Applications are accepted until 11:59 PM on September 30, 2024.


Applicants must graduate from a BC secondary school and be entering a civil engineering program in BC.

A student is only eligible for one Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation scholarship each academic year. If you are successful in more than one Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation scholarship competition, you will only receive the award with the highest value.

Transcripts Deadline

Upload your official or unofficial transcript in the academic section below. Your transcript must be complete and include all of your high school courses. Interim transcripts or school report cards will not be accepted. Transcripts must be received by Engineers and Geoscientists BC on or before September 30, 2024 in order to be considered for this scholarship.

Academic Requirements

You will be evaluated based on your grades in the following courses, as indicated on your transcript. If one of the required courses is not listed on your transcript, you must explain which course was used in its place for post-secondary entrance. This explanation should accompany the official transcript submission.

  • Entrance – Engineering
  • Mathematics 12 or Precalculus 12
  • Chemistry 12
  • Physics 12
  • English 12 or English 12 First Peoples

Important Notes

  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
  • Only applications submitted using this online form will be accepted. Mailed, faxed, or emailed applications will not be accepted.
  • For assistance with this form, please email the Student Program Coordinator at [email protected] or call 604.430.8035.
  • Sections B, C, and D are evaluated on weighted percentages.
You will not be able to save partial responses on this form. It is recommended that you draft responses to long-answer questions in another program (e.g., Word) and paste into the spaces provided.

In 500 words or less, Please explain in your own words why you decided to study engineering, and what impact you think you can have on society by doing so. Please also describe how you have exemplified character traits include that ethics, excellence, and creative thinking. This could be through school, volunteering, family life, or extracurricular activities.
Transcripts are not required to reflect excellence, but if you would like to demonstrate previous struggles with education, and have addressed them within the content of your other responses or supporting material, you may upload unofficial or official transcripts. Winners must provide official transcripts to the Student Program Coordinator before receipt of the award.
Reference letters can be from: a professor or co-op coordinator who knows you and your achievements personally; a co-op employer or a member of Engineers and Geoscientists BC (Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist); or a prominent member of your community if the above are not possible.