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Updated Website Coming April 13

Posted on March 28, 2024
Updated Website Coming April 13
On April 13, you’ll see our updated and improved website. With a new navigation menu, it’s designed so all users — applicants, registrants, firms, and the public — can find their way to the information they need easily and intuitively.

Improvements include:

  • An upgraded navigation menu with added sections for two key groups: firms and the public;
  • Information grouped by user: applicant, individual registrant, firms, and the public;
  • Re-organization of all webpages to fit the new navigation menu;
  • A new Quick Links section on the main menu, highlighting frequently used links relevant to each user group; and
  • A simplified user flow for applicants.

The website improvements reflect changes that were introduced by the Professional Governance Act, including the regulation of firms and a refocused mandate that highlights public protection and removes advocacy activities. The introduction of menus for firms and the public brings these user groups to the forefront and will make the website easier to use for all visitors.

Before initiating the updates, Engineers and Geoscientists BC staff conducted an extensive review process, involving a content audit and user testing by the public, staff, educators, professionals, and firms.

The website will continue to operate on April 13; no usage interruptions are expected during the maintenance window.

Feedback is welcome and can be emailed to [email protected].