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Climate & Sustainability

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is committed to support registrants in incorporating climate change considerations into their practice. We have undertaken several initiatives to explore the impact of climate change on professional engineering and geoscience practice. This work is driven by our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan outcomes whereby advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, and climate action are seen as equally important imperatives in pursuit of our vision to be a “modern regulation for a resilient world”.

Climate Change Action Plan

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has developed a Climate Change Action Plan that gives the regulatory body an appropriate and methodical approach to addressing climate change issues related to the practice of professional engineering and geoscience.

This plan provides a framework for how Engineers and Geoscientists BC can better support its registrants in their professional practice and better respond to climate change issues.

The "What We Heard Report" summarizes the feedback we heard from registrants on the development of the Climate Change Action Plan.

Climate Change Action Plan

Climate Change Information Portal

The Climate Change Information Portal, established by Engineers and Geoscientists BC as part of the Climate Change Action Plan, contains climate change-related tools and resources that aim to support professionals in incorporating climate change considerations into their practice.

Climate Change Information Portal

Position Statements

Engineers and Geoscientists BC published its position statements on climate change in 2014 and 2016 to articulate its stance on climate change, and establish its commitment to raising awareness, and providing information, tools, and resources in relation to climate change. These position statements also set expectations for registrants to consider climate change in professional practice.

Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Group

The Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Group supports Engineers and Geoscientists BC in its regulatory function by providing advice on relevant matters related to climate change, and identifying, advancing, and facilitating sustainability in the practice of engineering and geoscience.

Regulatory Learning Module

The 2023-2024 Regulatory Learning Module was developed in response to the objectives of Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Climate Change Action Plan and focuses on climate change and sustainability. Specifically, the module outlines how climate change presents risks to sustainability, what the responsibilities are for registrants to consider sustainability and climate change in their professional practice, and how registrants can follow the requirements of the Professional Practice Guidelines to integrate sustainability into professional practice.


Since the early 1990s, Engineers and Geoscientists BC has supported and encouraged its registrants to adopt sustainable principles within the practice of professional engineering and geoscience, and have developed the following reference materials:

Still have questions? View Climate Change Action Plan FAQs.

For further questions about climate and sustainability at Engineers and Geoscientists BC, please contact [email protected].