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Water System Risk Management Planning

What We Heard Report Released

Engineers and Geoscientists BC, with financial support from the BC Ministry of Health, is developing Professional Practice Guidelines for engineers and geoscientists to identify, assess, and manage risks to water systems in BC.

These guidelines will support the development of comprehensive Water System Risk Management Plans, which will:

  • Provide engineers and geoscientists guidance related to water systems risk management planning;
  • Reduce risks to public safety and environmental health; and
  • Enhance the resilience of water systems in BC.

To ensure the guidelines meet the needs of BC’s diverse water supply systems, Engineers and Geoscientists BC consulted with stakeholders across BC. The What We Heard Report is a summary of feedback received related to the draft Professional Practice Guidelines for the Preparation of One Water System Risk Management Plans prepared in 2018 (2018 Draft Guidelines).

The What We Heard Report details the consultations and feedback related to the 2018 Draft Guidelines from key stakeholders including from the project team, the steering committee members, and the BC communities. The feedback was collected between from 2016-2020 and again in 2022. The responses received during both consultation periods will inform the development of the 2023 Water System Risk Management Plans Guidelines. Broader consultation will be carried out once the objectives and key elements of the 2023 Guidelines have been prepared for review.

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To learn more about this project or to get involved, please contact:

Harshan Radhakrishnan, P.Eng., Engineers and Geoscientists BC
Manager, Climate Change and Sustainability Initiatives
Email: [email protected]