Engineers and Geoscientists BC
Please note that you will not be able to log into your online account on Monday, July 15, from 9 PM –11 PM due to routine website maintenance.

Renew Your Registration

The deadline to renew your 2024 annual registration is December 31, 2023. On January 31, 2024, anyone who has not yet paid their annual fee will be removed from the register. 

The December 31, 2023 payment deadline also applies to any registrants submitting their 2024 annual fee invoice to their employer for payment.

How Do I Renew My Registration?

Registrants may renew their registration online through your account using your 6-digit User ID number and password. Your account also allows you to update your contact information, complete the Practice Declaration, apply for non-practising or reduced fee status if eligible, make a contribution to the Foundation, and print your official income tax receipt.

Renew Your Registration

Non-Practising Registration

Registered professional engineers, professional geoscientists, and professional licensees may move from practising to non-practising status for a reduced fee if they commit not to practise professional engineering or professional geoscience. Registrants who wish to change their registration status to non-practising can do so via their online registrant account by selecting the “Request for Non-Practising Status” link and completing the declaration.

Learn More About Non-Practicing Registration

Digital Registrant Cards

You will be able to access your digital card through your online registrant account. 

How Do I Discontinue My Registration?

Registrants who do not wish to maintain registration with Engineers and Geoscientists BC are advised to resign prior to the December 31 deadline. This can be done online through your account

Do You Offer Assistance to Registrants Who Can’t Afford to Pay Their Registration Fees?

A practising professional registrant, professional licensee, or trainee who is renewing their registration and who is experiencing financial hardship that renders them unable to pay the full annual fee is eligible to apply for a reduced annual fee. 

Who Can I Contact for Registration Renewal Assistance or Information?

For reduced fee requests, questions about your payment or invoice, or to request a copy of a declaration form, please contact the Finance Department:
604.412.4859 or [email protected]

If you encounter issues with renewing your registration online, contact technical support:
604.412.4887 or [email protected]

For questions about registration status, contact the Registration Department:
604.412.4856 or [email protected]