Strategic Plan & Core Values

Strategic Plan: 2017–2022

Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Strategic Plan provides direction and focus to our organization’s activities. The goals, outcomes, and strategies set by the plan will determine the priorities for Engineers and Geoscientists BC's programs and activities, and provide guidance for Council, committees, branches, divisions, task forces, boards, and staff. Initially created as a 3-year plan for 2017–2020, the plan has now been updated and extended through to June 2022.

For Engineers and Geoscientists BC to perform its role effectively, it needs to demonstrate its commitment to upholding the standards of a strong, credible regulator. The plan defines clear outcomes the organization is looking to achieve towards this goal and attaches them to specific strategies and key progress indicators that provide measurables for the plan.


Engineering and geoscience professionals creating a better future for all.


To serve the public interest as a progressive regulator that supports and promotes the engineering and geoscience professions.


  • We act first and foremost in the public interest.
  • We proactively plan for the future.
  • We support effective governance.
  • We consult our registrants and stakeholders.
  • We foster diversity and inclusivity.
  • We support national collaboration.
  • We provide sufficient resources to fulfill our responsibilities.
  • We provide effective support and recognition for volunteers, staff, and registrants.

Past Strategic Plans

2014–2017 Strategic Plan
2011–2014 Strategic Plan