Staff Leadership Team

Ann English, P.Eng. 

Chief Executive Officer and Registrar

Responsible for all aspects of the association's operations, Ann English works closely with Council and staff to advance the association through the implementation of a dynamic strategic plan. As the primary support to the President and Council, she enables the fulfillment of their governance functions.

A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Ann has a degree in mechanical engineering and a degree in physiology from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia, Ann was Director of Interconnections with BC Hydro and has significant experience in the private industry, with nearly 20 years at Foster Wheeler, a large utility equipment, engineering and construction company.

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Tony Chong, P.Eng.

Chief Regulatory Officer and Deputy Registrar

Responsible for facilitating and strengthening collaborative relationships at the provincial and interprovincial levels, Tony Chong oversees the association's regulatory frameworks, directing efforts to evaluate internationally educated applicants and understand the special needs of industry, construction and natural resource development.

Tony was Chief Administrative Officer with the City of Port Coquitlam for 17 years. Prior to joining the City of Port Coquitlam, he held senior executive level positions with the Northwest Territorial Government (NWT) as the Regional Superintendent of Public Works for the Western Arctic and Vice-President for the NWT Housing Corporation. Tony holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and a Master of Applied Science in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto.

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Jennifer Cho, CPA, CGA

Chief Financial and Administration Officer

As Chief Financial and Administration Officer, Jennifer Cho plays a leading role in the annual audit, budget, membership renewal and monthly financial reporting processes as well as management of a variety of administrative responsibilities. 

Jennifer is a Certified General Accountant and brings many years of accounting experience from her role as a Controller at Aquilini Development and Construction Inc. and Intrawest ULC, as well as budgetary experience from her role at the City of Vancouver.

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Max Logan, Chief of Strategic OperationsMax Logan

Chief of Strategic Operations

Max Logan is the Chief of Strategic Operations for Engineers and Geoscientists BC. His role includes oversight of the association’s strategic corporate planning, member services, government relations, stakeholder engagement, communications, and brand marketing.

Max has has extensive experience in communications, marketing, and government relations. Previously, Max was Vice President, Tolling Operations, for Transportation Investment Corporation, and prior to that, the Director, Communications and Marketing for that organization. He has held positions as Director for the Retail Council of Canada, Chief of Staff to the BC Minister of Finance, and Communications Director for several BC Cabinet Ministers. Max is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and Seneca College.

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Gillian Pichler, P.Eng.

Director, Registration

Gillian Pichler is the Director of Registration for Engineers and Geoscientists BC. She is responsible for all registration and licensing activities and is involved in national and international activities at Engineers Canada.

Gillian is a professional engineer, registered as a P.Eng. in BC and an ing. in Quebec. She graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from McGill University and has an MBA from Concordia University. Prior to joining Engineers and Geoscientists BC, Gillian was in charge of Facilities, Plant & Production Engineering at Gillette Canada, Montreal for 16 years.

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Peter Mitchell, P.Eng.

Director, Professional Practice, Standards and Development

Peter Mitchell is responsible for developing and directing proactive quality assurance programs addressing members' practice standards at Engineers and Geoscientists BC, including the Practice Review Program, the development and adoption of practice guidelines, and the Organizational Management Program.

Peter provides staff support to numerous committees, task forces and boards dealing with professional practice issues and provides support to the Engineers and Geoscientists in the Resource Sector Division. He works closely with the Structural Engineers Association of BC, and directs our association’s response to various government legislation impacting the practice of professional engineering and geoscience in BC.

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Deesh Olychick

Director, Member Services

As Director of Member Services, Deesh Olychick oversees the long-range planning of Continuing Professional Development programming, the annual conference and AGM, council elections processes as well as many other member service programs at Engineers and Geoscientists BC. This includes the association's Mentoring Program, the Affinity Program, and support for the association's branches and divisions.

Deesh holds a BA from Simon Fraser University and a diploma in Marketing Communications from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

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Efrem Swartz, LLB

Director of Legislation, Ethics and Compliance

As Director of Legislation, Ethics and Compliance, Efrem Swartz oversees the effective management of the investigation, assessment and resolution of complaints against individuals practising professional engineering and geoscience in British Columbia. He is also responsible for the education and promotion of ethical practice and for the interpretation and enforcement of the Engineers and Geoscientists Act.

Efrem first joined Engineers and Geoscientists BC in November 2013 as the Acting Director of Legislation, Ethics and Compliance. Previously, he founded Swartz Law Corporation, an independent firm specializing in professional regulation, administrative law and civil litigation. He provided a wide range of legal services to many different professional regulatory bodies. Efrem received both his LLB and Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia.

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Megan Archibald

Director, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement

As the Director of Communications and Stakeholder Engagement, Megan Archibald oversees internal and external communications for the association, including consultations and engagement, marketing, advertising, and media relations. In addition, she is responsible for outreach programming for K-12 and undergraduate students, as well as the association’s awards program.

Megan holds a BA in Communications from the University of Winnipeg and has a background in hospitality, tourism, and event management.

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Don Gamble

Director, Information Systems

Don Gamble is responsible for the resource planning, implementation, operation and support of the association’s information technology and telecommunication systems. His role encompasses strategic planning, project initiation and execution in strategizing, and directing the development and administration of the association’s information systems, including business analytics, database management and security, systems maintenance and development, and telecommunications.

Don has an M.Sc. in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University and strong technical expertise in application development, data and system integration, databases and middleware, and hardware infrastructure. He has many years of senior information systems management experience, most recently as the Director of IT Architecture, Database and Application Servers with the Overwaitea Food Group.

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Mark Rigolo, P.Eng.

Associate Director, Engineering Admissions

Mark Rigolo is responsible for all aspects of the engineering admissions process. His duties include improving the efficiency of the process of intake and evaluation of applicants, ensuring the effectiveness of Registration Outreach Programs, and managing all facets of Customer Service related to the admission of members.

Mark is a registered professional engineer with 25 years of engineering experience in the areas of chemical engineering, fuel cell development and manufacturing and product development.  His past roles have included polymer process development at DuPont Canada, fuel cell test engineering and manufacturing process development at Ballard Power Systems and managing the operation and safety of research and undergraduate laboratories within engineering departments at UBC.

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Lindsay Steele, P.Geo.

Associate Director, Professional Practice

As Associate Director of Professional Practice, Lindsay Steele is responsible for the development and management of the association's professional practice and quality management guidelines, practice advice services, and the OQM Program. In addition, she oversees the association’s professional practice committees and working groups.

Lindsay is a registered professional geoscientist with extensive experience in mining and mineral exploration. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with Advanced Major in Earth Sciences from St. Francis Xavier University. Her past roles include Project Geologist and General Manager of Geotechnical Services for a mineral exploration company, as well as Junior Mine Geologist for the Rabbit Lake uranium mine in Saskatchewan. Since joining Engineers and Geoscientists BC in 2015, Lindsay has achieved certification as an ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor, which has enabled her to take on a primary role in audits and training carried out under the association’s Organizational Management Program.

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