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Science Games 2021 held Virtually

With a focus on collaboration, connection, discovery and fun, BC students embarked on a 4-week science journey in March 2021! Students (Grades 1–6) from across BC explored how to use their creativity and imagination to help the world.

  • Division 1 (Grades 1–3) activities were held from 10:00 AM–12:00 PM each Saturday in March
  • Division 2 (Grades 4–6) activities were held from 1:00 PM–3:00 PM each Saturday in March

Through fun, interactive activities and weekly challenges, a collective pod of students experienced aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) through the eyes of their engineer or geoscience mentors. Diving deep into the world of innovation, participants connected with other like-minded students and work together online to create their own solutions to the weekly challenges.

New this year are our “Meet an Expert” sessions. These sessions will provide Science Games participants in classrooms and beyond with the opportunity to meet industry professionals in different disciplines of engineering and geoscience. Each expert will host a Q&A session and talk about what they do as an engineer or geoscientist.

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Welcome to Science Games

At Science Games, students from Grades 1–6 across BC explore the principles and theories of science first-hand as a group led by their engineer or geoscientist mentors online. This interschool event is organized by the Engineers and Geoscientists of BC to celebrate all things STEM and inspire future generations of engineers and geoscientists. We are the regulatory body for engineers and geoscientists practicing in BC.

Science Games aims to provide a fun, engaging environment where students are empowered to showcase their science talent, encouraged to explore their interests in science, and grow confident in their own scientific abilities. This interactive event hosted online through live sessions on Zoom gives students the chance to investigate the ways science affects their everyday lives.

Together, students will explore and dive deep into problem solving challenges that will illustrate the interesting and unique sides of scientific exploration and create their own original solutions to challenges crafted by a team of Engineers and Geoscientists.

Weekly Challenges

At the 2021 Science Games, students were sent an email each week with a list of suggested materials, and pre-activity tasks to prepare for the Saturday live session. All activities will use materials that are easily accessible from home, school, or a local dollar store.

Division 1 (Grades 1–3) live event sessions will be from 10 AM–12PM on Saturdays in March.

Division 2 (Grades 4–6) live event sessions will be from 1 PM–3PM on Saturdays in March.

If you have questions about the weekly Science Games challenges, please contact [email protected].

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