Science Games Prep Page

Prepare Your Team for the Science Games

This page has been set up as a resource for teams participating in the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Science Games. You can access past Science Games activities and find links to other cool science-based activity pages.

Past Science Games Activities

Click the links below to see all of the past Science Games activities.

  • 2012 Science Games Activities (3D Poster, Foil Boat, Marshmallow House, Elastic Car, Flinker, Straw Towers)
  • 2013 Science Games Activities (Unbreakable Egg, Seismic Solutions, Floating Paperclips, Create your own Catapult, Mega Model Challenge, Balloon Propelled Car)
  • 2014 Science Games Activities (Build-a-Bird House, Race Through a Sloped Course, Radioactive Recovery, Treasure Collector, Slo-Mo Plinko, Protect Your Melon)
  • 2015 Science Games Activities (Marble Slide, Crash Test Cars, Play Cards, Build a Seismometer, Ping Pong Ball Zipline, Mineral Exploration)
  • 2016 Science Games Activities (Jurassic BC, Sailboat Race, Clean Water, Geo Destruction!, Colour Coding, Blast Off)
  • 2017 Science Games Activities (North Shore Mountain Landforms, Balloon Bonanza, High Fly Delivery, Minerals in the Bathroom, Crash Landing, Circuit Solution)
  • 2018 Science Games Activities (These Shoes Were Made for Walking, Map Detective, Used Car Sails, Cupcake Cores, Earthquake Recovery, Maze Runner)
  • 2019 Science Games Activities (Home Safe Home, Rainbow Mine, Drip, Drop, Flow!, Ground Shakes!, Electric Puzzles, Tunnel Away)
  • 2020 Science Games Activities (From Garbage to Greatness, Float the Boat, Ozostrike!, Bread Bridge Bonanza, Slope n' Slide, and Wild Water Slides)
  • 2021 Science Games Activities: These were set up for use in a virtual learning environment and are available upon request. Please email [email protected] for assistance. 

Science Activities for Students

Check out these websites below if you are looking for more science-based activities and info for students.