Project Highlights Pictorial

Submission Criteria

Innovation invites registrants to submit project photos for 2021/2022 Project Highlights edition, to be published in the May/June 2022 edition of the magazine. This annual pictorial features the diverse activities of BC’s professional engineers and geoscientists at home and abroad.

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Registrants, licensees, and their employers are invited to submit photographs and project descriptions of engineering or geoscience projects for inclusion in this edition of Innovation. To be considered for inclusion, projects:

  • Must be currently underway, or have been completed on or after the end of June 2021;
  • Must involve registrants and licensees of Engineers and Geoscientists BC;
  • Must be accompanied by at least one high-quality, high-resolution digital photograph (e.g., 300 dpi resolution and a minimum size of 5" x 7" in .tif, .jpg, or camera RAW format);
  • Must be accompanied by a short, well-written project description of up to 150 words, including all listed participants, that provides a basic description of the project, what it accomplishes or how it works, and explains why it is innovative or novel; and
  • Must identify the BC engineering or geoscience professionals involved.

The final decision about which projects are included in the edition rests with the Editorial Advisory Group, who may consider additional criteria outlined in the Additional Selection Criteria. Due to space limitations, Innovation is unable to accommodate all submissions. We encourage registrants working for large companies to coordinate their project submissions to avoid multiple or duplicate submissions as only one submission per company will be selected, except when space permits.


The deadline to submit project photos and accompanying descriptions is 11:59 PM Pacific Time on March 1, 2022. Late submissions will not be considered.

How to Submit a Project

To submit a project for the 2021/2022 Project Highlights edition, visit the Project Highlights Submission Form page, complete the submission form, and click Submit. The submission form includes a space for contact information, the project description, a list of involved professionals and their roles, and photograph upload.

Submission Specifications

  • Submissions can include a project description and list of participants, up to combined 150 words. Submissions with a relatively short list of participants are usually more interesting and engaging.
  • All Canadian participants who are engineers or geoscientists must be listed with their relevant provincial designations (e.g., John Smith, P.Eng. (APEGA), David, P.Geo. (PEO)).
  • Please coordinate submissions with other organizations that may be submitting the same project. Joint submissions are welcome, but only one submission per project will be selected.

Photo Specifications

Submissions must include at least one photo, and optionally up to three photos. One photo will be selected to highlight the project. Photos should be submitted in .tif, .jpg, or camera RAW file format. Photos must have a minimum image resolution of 300 dpi @ 5"x7". Larger photos are preferred, up to 20MB each. Do not submit collages or composites. (Note: *Camera RAW files are unprocessed image files—preferred for their quality and flexibility. Many consumer cameras and all professional cameras are capable of shooting RAW photographs. These image types are preferred but not required.)

Important Note About Photos Rights: Please ensure you have permission/authority to grant Innovation rights to publish the photos you submit. By submitting material to Innovation, you grant to Engineers and Geoscientists BC a royalty-free, worldwide licence to publish the material; you also warrant that you have the authority to grant such rights, and have obtained waivers of all associated moral and intellectual property rights. We may edit and modify photos for quality and suitability for publication in Innovation.
Important Note About Privacy Rights: Innovation does not publish photos of identifiable individuals in commercial or project settings without first obtaining their direct written permission. Accordingly, we recommend against submitting photos that include identifiable individuals, unless their express permission is also provided.

Project Description Specifications

Submissions must include a short, well-written project description of up to a total of 150 words (including all participants listed) that combines the description of the project and the list of participants. Project descriptions may have technical content, but keep in mind that Innovation readers are diverse and work in a broad range of industries and disciplines. A storytelling approach is best; avoid bullet-point descriptions. Project descriptions may be edited for clarity and length. (For past examples, view the 2020/2021 Project Highlights edition). Each project description must include at least one professional (P.Eng. or P.Geo.) or licensee (P.L.Eng. or P.L.Geo.) of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, and other project participants that you wish to list.

Submitting Your Project

The Submission Form contains all the information required to submit your project. Completed forms must be submitted by March 1, 2022. All project submissions received by this date will be considered. Questions about the pictorial can be directed to [email protected].

Important Note: By submitting material to Innovation, you grant to Engineers and Geoscientists BC a royalty-free, worldwide licence to publish the material; you also warrant that you have the authority to grant such rights and have obtained waivers of all associated moral rights. Innovation reserves the right to edit the material or photos, and is under no obligation to publish any or all submissions or any portion thereof.

Additional Selection Criteria

In addition to considering the submission criteria noted above, when selecting project submissions for the pictorial, the Editorial Advisory Group considers:

  • A basic description of the project;
  • What it accomplishes or how it works;
  • Why it is innovative or novel;
  • Participants involved in the project and (if applicable) their designations, and locations of their designations;
  • Representation from a variety of disciplines, reflecting the diversity of the work performed by registrants;
  • Representation from a wide variety of employers of Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrants;
  • Whether an Engineers and Geoscientists BC professional registrant or licensee was involved in the project and is clearly identified in the description;
  • Projects that have not previously been featured in the Project Highlights Pictorial or in an Innovation feature story, or—where a project entails many diverse contributors over several years—aspects/contributions to the project that have not previously been featured in the magazine;
  • Photos that have not previously appeared in Innovation magazine;
  • Project descriptions that tell stories and convey a sense of what working in engineering or geoscience is like on a day-to-day basis;
  • Sustainability features;
  • Innovative aspects of the project;
  • Visual appeal and quality of the photo;
  • Whether the photo clearly illustrates the contributions described, and has human interest (photos of registrants working or people using the featured device/space are encouraged);
  • If the project is planned, underway, or complete; and
  • If the accompanying photo is a rendered or synthetic image.