Non-Practising Membership

Non-practising status enables members or limited licensees who are not currently practising engineering or geoscience to remain members of the association and retain certain rights of membership. There is no limit to the period of time that a member or limited licensee can be on non-practising status.

Non-practising status does not convey any practice rights. Non-practising members and non-practising limited licensees have no greater right to engage in the practice of professional engineering or geoscience than any other member of the general public who is not a member of the association.

Non-practising members and licensees (including vested Life Members):

  • must make an annual declaration committing not to practise any professional engineering or geoscience in British Columbia, including unpaid or volunteer work;
  • may only represent themselves by use of their professional designation followed by the words “Non-Practising” or “Retired” (see below); and
  • retain the right to vote and to participate on certain non-technical association boards and committees.

Non-practicing members or licensees who intend to practise professional engineering or professional geoscience must apply for resumption of practising status, pay the applicable fees set by Council, comply with any requirements for return to practice, and not practise professional engineering or professional geoscience until practising status has been granted by Council.

Professional Designations for Non-Practising Status

Non-practising members and licensees must use one of the following qualifiers:

  • P.Eng. (Non-Practising), P.Geo. (Non-Practising), Eng.L. (Non-Practising), or Geo.L. (Non-Practising); or
  • P.Eng. (Retired), P.Geo. (Retired), Eng.L. (Retired), or Geo.L. (Retired).

Annual Fees

Non-Practising fees are 50% of the full member or limited licensee fee and may not be further reduced. They may be waived due to a medical condition that renders the member or limited licensee unable to work.

A member or limited licensee who changes to non-practising status during the calendar year after paying full member fees for practising status will not receive a rebate or credit.

For further guidance on non-practising membership or limited licence please refer to the Guideline & FAQ For Non-Practising Status.
To request waiver of your annual fees due to a medical condition, please complete the online application form.
For current Life Members please refer to the Life Member Info Update and Non-Practising Status Declaration Form.

How to Apply

To apply for non-practising membership, log in to your account and navigate to “Apply for Non-Practising Status”.

You can also change your status by contacting the Registration Department by email at [email protected].