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Unauthorized Practice & Misuse of Title

Engineers and Geoscientists BC has a statutory duty under the Professional Governance Act to protect the public interest by taking action to stop non-registrants (including individuals, corporations, and partnerships) from:

  • Engaging in the unauthorized practice of the professions of engineering or geoscience; and
  • Misusing reserved titles or other names, titles, descriptions or abbreviations that express or imply that they are registrants, are associated with Engineers and Geoscientists BC, or are entitled to practice the professions of engineering or geoscience in British Columbia.

Individuals can read about how to apply for registration under the Registration menu.

Corporations and Partnerships can read about how to obtain a Permit to Practice under the Practice Resources section of the website.

View Unauthorized Practice or Title Notices

The Risk of Unauthorized Practice

Public safety and the environment are put at risk when non-registrants provide engineering or geoscience services to the public, because non-registrants:

  • May not be qualified by training or experience to provide engineering or geoscience services in accordance with the appropriate standards in British Columbia;
  • Are not bound by Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Code of Ethics;
  • Are not required to follow the Standards at Bylaw 7.3, which require, among other things, that registrants retain complete project documentation for 10 years and that they follow checking procedures appropriate for the risks associated for each project;
  • Do not have to submit to audits or practice reviews and are not subject to the investigation and discipline process;
  • Are not required to notify their clients in writing of their insurance coverage (as registrants are required to do under Bylaw 7.5); and
  • Are not subject to the mandatory continuing education requirements under Bylaw 7.6.
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