Council Election

Voting for the Council election is now open via electronic ballot. All registrants in good standing, including trainees, are eligible and encouraged to vote. Voting will close at 12 PM Pacific Time on October 15, 2021.

The 2021 Council election marks Council’s transition to a reduced size of 12 as required by the Professional Governance Act. All candidates selected to stand for election were approved by the Nomination Committee using a merit-based selection process. The Committee has nominated four candidates for the position of Councillor and one candidate for the position of President. This year, only one candidate was determined to meet the required criteria in the president category and is therefore elected by acclamation.

New: Beginning this Fall, Council will appoint one of its elected members to serve as Vice President for a 1-year term. This governance best practice, well-established in similar organizations, enables Council to select a Vice President who can best meet the needs of the Council, while also increasing the number of Councillor positions available each year by one seat.

This year, registrants will elect two Councillors. To help you make an informed choice, candidate election statements are provided below.

Candidate statements will not be available in the voting module. Please be sure to have your selections ready prior to proceeding to voting using the “Vote Now" button below.

Election statements are not edited for grammar or typographical errors, but have been formatted for consistency. The opinions expressed by candidates are not necessarily those of Engineers and Geoscientists BC, but are permitted to ensure an appropriate and robust debate of the issues that may be of importance to registrants.

As per the Election Policy, the candidate names appear in alphabetical order in the election materials. The names on the ballot are listed in random order.

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Candidate Statements

Presidential Candidate (elected by acclamation)

Only one candidate is nominated for the position of President. This candidate is elected by acclamation for the office of President and will serve a 1-year term.


Councillors (two to be elected)

Four candidates are running for the office of Councillor. The two candidates in this category receiving the largest number of votes will be elected to serve a 3-year term as Councillor. You may vote for up to TWO (2) candidates for the position of Councillor.


Continuing Councillors

The following Councillors will be continuing their terms on Council: Michelle Mahovlich, P.Eng., P.Geo., Jessica Steeves, P.Eng., Kevin Turner, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.), Dr. Brent Ward, P.Geo., FGC, FEC (Hon.). Larry Spence, P.Eng., will continue for one additional year in the role of Immediate Past President.

The following government appointees are continuing their term on Council: Suky Cheema, CPA, CA, Leslie Hildebrandt, ICD.D, LLB, Emily Lewis, CPA, CMA, and David Wells, JD.

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