Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Professional Practice Advisory Member

Location: Burnaby, BC
Date Posted: June 15, 2023
Closing Date: Gathering Applicants for Next Vacancy
Status 3-Year Term
Terms of Reference


The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Professional Practice Advisory is an Advisory Group reporting to the Director, Professional Practice, Standards and Development. Its mandate is to provide advice on issues that influence the practice of professional engineering and professional geoscience in BC, and provide advice on the Continuing Education Program.

Reporting Structure

Advisory Group members report to the Director, Professional Practice, Standards and Development.

Duties and Expectations

Advisory Group members are responsible:

  • To provide advice to Professional Practice staff on professional practice issues related to practice inquiries, guidelines, and advisories. Advice to be provided during Advisory Group meetings and outside of meetings through email correspondence, as applicable.
  • To participate in the consultation process undertaken in the preparation of Engineers and Geoscientists BC Professional Practice Guidelines and provide recommendations to PPSD staff.
  • To advise on the continuous improvement of the Continuing Education Program.
  • To advise on the content, frequency, scope, and delivery methods of Continuing Education offerings offered and facilitated by Engineers and Geoscientists BC, including ethical learning activities and annual regulatory modules.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Should be a professional engineer or professional geoscientist registered with Engineers and Geoscientists BC and have a minimum of 10 years of professional practice experience; however, representatives from other regulated professions who regularly interact with engineers and geoscientists will be considered.
  • Should have previous volunteering experience with Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

Term of Office

  • Appointments are 3 years in length, renewable twice for a maximum of 9 consecutive years, unless otherwise extended by the Director, Professional Practice, Standards and Development.

Average Time Commitment

  • Meetings are held at least 4 times per year, or more often, if required, at the call of the Chair.
  • The Advisory Group may meet in person, by telephone conference, or through electronic means, where all members may simultaneously hear each other and participate during the meeting.
  • Before each meeting, members are required to review agenda items and be prepared for discussion.


  • Opportunity to advance the profession by sharing your knowledge and experience;
  • Contribute to your continued professional competency; and
  • Expand your business network.

Applications for this role are reviewed on a seasonal basis depending on program needs and position availability. You will be contacted when the next application review takes place. We appreciate your interest and look forward to connecting with you.

Engineers and Geoscientists BC is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that values and respects diversity, both within our organization and in our larger community.