Reinstate as Trainee or Non-Practising Registrant


About this Category

This category is for former trainees (EIT and GIT) who wish to reinstate their registration and former registrants (P.Eng., P.Geo., P.L.Eng., and P.L.Geo.) who wish to reinstate their registration with non-practising status.

Reinstatement as a non-practising registrant does not grant you practice rights (the authority to engage in Reserved Practice). If you intend to practise engineering or geoscience in British Columbia you must reinstate your practice rights.

Who Can Apply

  • Former trainees (engineers-in-training or geoscientists-in-training)
  • Former registrants (P.Eng., P.Geo., P.L.Eng., or P.L.Geo.) who wish to reinstate their registration with non-practising status

How to Apply


Documents Required

  1. An application for reinstatement of status 
  2. Certified* copies of 2 pieces of government-issued identification (ID) for registration. Both pieces of ID must contain the applicant’s full legal name, must be valid (i.e., not expired) at the time of registration, and at least 1 piece of ID must contain your photo. For more guidance on acceptable forms of IDs, please review the Guideline on Certified Identification Documents. Applicants are required to upload as 1 document through their application dashboard.

*To have your document certified, the copies of both your original IDs must be signed, dated and stamped by an acceptable certifying official. Please refer to the Guideline on Certified Identification Documents for a list of acceptable certifying officials and the steps for ID certification.

How Much Does it Cost?

Find more information about application and registration fees on the Fee Schedule.

Throughout your application process, you can expect fees for:

  • An application for reinstatement of status (as a trainee or professional registrants with non-practising status).

After registration is granted, all registrants are subject to annual fees (prorated in the first year of registration).

After Applying

If you have further questions, you may find the answer on our Frequently Asked Questions.

The reinstatement process will take approximately 1–2 weeks unless additional information or documentation is required. Once your registration is reinstated, you will be notified via email.