Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Role and Overview of the Nomination Committee


The mandate of the Nomination Committee is to seek and select a list of candidates that they believe best demonstrate the qualities needed for strong leadership of the organization and is diverse and reflective of the organization’s registrant-base. This includes the consideration, assessment, and nomination of qualified candidates for election to the Board and the consideration, assessment, and recommendation of qualified candidates to be appointed as Chairs and Vice Chairs of Statutory Committees. To fulfill its mandate, the committee seeks candidates through ongoing communication in eNews, Innovation, and online, and through direct outreach to potential candidates.

Requirements under the Professional Governance Act direct that all candidates standing for election must be approved by the Nomination Committee, using a merit-based process.

Candidate Selection Process

Candidates are selected by the committee through a merit-based process that considers their demonstrated skills in leadership, strategy, financial literacy, risk management, human resources, regulatory understanding, governance, and technical proficiency.

The Committee’s candidate selection framework includes: a gap analysis (i.e., a review of the skills and experience of remaining Board members); the prioritization of desired skills, competencies, and experience for prospective nominees; diversity considerations; a systematic assessment of candidate skills and competences; and candidate interviews.

To support this process, all prospective nominees are asked to provide: a written summary of their interest to serve on the Board; a current CV; details of how their experience relates to the desired skills and competencies; responses to supplementary conflict-of-interest and declaration questions; and 3 references. 

To reduce unintentional bias, the committee reviews and assesses redacted profiles for all prospective nominees with personal identifiers removed, such as name, gender, ethnicity, and region. A second review of candidates is then completed using unredacted profiles. The committee then shortlists candidates to advance to a second interview. The committee’s deliberations include the consideration of the role requirements; the prioritized skills, competencies, and experience for that year; and the committee’s assessment of the candidate’s skills, competencies, and experience.

Upon completion of its comprehensive and rigorous process, the Nomination Committee nominates the chosen candidates to stand for election for the position of Board member.

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