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Science Games Activities

What Was Science Games? 

Science Games was a 3-week science journey designed for students in Grades 1–6, and focused on celebrating all things STEM and inspiring future generations of engineers and geoscientists. 

You can access past Science Games activities and find links to other cool science-based activity pages in the section below. We hope these activities help students showcase their scientific talent, encourages them to explore their interests in science, and grow confident in their own scientific abilities.

Click the links below to see all of the past Science Games activities.

  • 2012 Science Games Activities (3D Poster, Foil Boat, Marshmallow House, Elastic Car, Flinker, Straw Towers)
  • 2013 Science Games Activities (Unbreakable Egg, Seismic Solutions, Floating Paperclips, Create your own Catapult, Mega Model Challenge, Balloon Propelled Car)
  • 2014 Science Games Activities (Build-a-Bird House, Race Through a Sloped Course, Radioactive Recovery, Treasure Collector, Slo-Mo Plinko, Protect Your Melon)
  • 2015 Science Games Activities (Marble Slide, Crash Test Cars, Play Cards, Build a Seismometer, Ping Pong Ball Zipline, Mineral Exploration)
  • 2016 Science Games Activities (Jurassic BC, Sailboat Race, Clean Water, Geo Destruction!, Colour Coding, Blast Off)
  • 2017 Science Games Activities (North Shore Mountain Landforms, Balloon Bonanza, High Fly Delivery, Minerals in the Bathroom, Crash Landing, Circuit Solution)
  • 2018 Science Games Activities (These Shoes Were Made for Walking, Map Detective, Used Car Sails, Cupcake Cores, Earthquake Recovery, Maze Runner)
  • 2019 Science Games Activities (Home Safe Home, Rainbow Mine, Drip, Drop, Flow!, Ground Shakes!, Electric Puzzles, Tunnel Away)
  • 2020 Science Games Activities (From Garbage to Greatness, Float the Boat, Ozostrike!, Bread Bridge Bonanza, Slope n' Slide, and Wild Water Slides)
  • 2021 Science Games Activities: These were set up for use in a virtual learning environment and are available upon request. Please email [email protected] for assistance. 

Science Activities for Students

Check out these websites below if you are looking for more science-based activities and info for students.