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Designated Structural Engineer

Please note the following:
While exam dates and information is updated periodically on this page, please check IStructE’s website for regular updates.
  • Applicants should contact IStructE directly to write the exam. Please email [email protected] and indicate you are writing the exam to meet the requirements of Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Struct.Eng. program.

About this Category

This is a specialist designation (Struct.Eng.) and is granted to P.Eng. registrants of Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia who meet the requirements to create and manage the design of a building's primary structural system.

The seal and signature of a designated structural engineer is typically required on all plans and supporting documentation prepared by or under the direct supervision of that individual, and submitted for a building permit application for a Part 3 Building as defined in the BC Building Code.

Three municipalities currently require the services of a Designated Structural Engineer. Further details are available at the following links:
City of Vancouver 
City of Burnaby 
City of Langley

A list of current Designated Structural Engineers can be found by going to the Registrant Directory and checking off the Designated Structural Engineer (Struct.Eng.) box.

Further information is available in the Designated Structural Engineer Requirements guide.

Who Can Apply

A candidate for the Struct.Eng. designation must:

  • Be registered as a professional engineer (P.Eng.) in British Columbia
  • Have completed one of the following requirements:
    1. Have successfully completed the Institution of Structural Engineers' Chartered Membership Examination; or
    2. Have been registered as a Structural Engineer (SE) in California or Washington State; or
    3. Have successfully completed the NCEES PE Structural Exam.
  • Successfully complete the BC Codes and Practices Examination
  • Pay all associated fees and dues
  • Demonstrate 6 years of structural engineering experience, at least two of which must be in responsible charge of significant engineering work

This experience should:

  • Represent an application of the knowledge of structural engineering that goes beyond standard solutions found in manuals of practice.
  • Be done in an environment where the engineer has worked with at least two materials and has assumed a significant part of the overall structural engineering responsibility for the project.
  • Demonstrate responsibility for structural design of buildings under Part 4 of the British Columbia Building Code or the Vancouver Building Bylaw.
  • Demonstrate experience with the design of buildings in high seismic regions, as “structural engineer of record” on at least three projects.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Continuing Education (CE).

How to Apply

Documents Required to Apply for the Struct.Eng. Designation.

  1. Apply Online
  2. Resume showing chronological list of employers and positions held
  3. A structural project list specifying project name, date, your position and your responsibilities on each project
  4. Detailed information about three building projects completed in the previous five years located in a seismic region, for which you have acted as the “structural engineer of record” or have had a significant part of the overall structural engineer’s responsibility for the project. Refer to the Seismic Design Guidelines for further details on qualifying projects and the information to be included for each project. (Uploaded as a single PDF via your applicant dashboard as a project sample)
  5. A list describing your recent Continuing Education activities

You are responsible for sending a Struct.Eng. Reference Form to at least four referees with a copy of your work history documents. Each referee will review your project list and detailed project information, complete the reference form, and return it directly to Engineers and Geoscientists BC.

In order to be eligible to write the BC Codes and Practices Exam your application must undergo an experience review and be approved by the Structural Qualifications Credentials Advisory Group. This entails submission of all work experience documentation and references.

Examination Schedule

IStructE ExaminationSee IStructE for more information
Please check IStructE’s website for regular updates.
  • Applicants should contact IStructE directly to write the exam. Please email [email protected] and indicate you are writing the exam to meet the requirements of Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Struct.Eng. program.
  • A preparation seminar is normally hosted by SEABC.
BC Codes and Practices ExaminationNovember 19, 2024
Application deadline: October 4, 2023
 (Deadline is firm for applicants needing to rewrite all or part of the exam)
Application form for the BC Codes and Practices Examination.

Payment for the exam will be requested after an invoice is issued via email, and payment must be made via cheque or online through the online payment form. For security reasons payment information can not be provided via email or phone.

The BC Codes and Practices Examination is in a computer-based format and may be conducted through virtual proctoring. Upon applying, more information will be provided. 
NCEES PE Structural ExaminationVertical Breadth and Lateral Breadth:
Year-round beginning April

Vertical Depth and Lateral Depth:
Held two times per year in April and October of each year
See NCEES PE Structural Exam page for more information. 

Examinees may reserve their seats up to a year in advance at a pre-approved testing center once they are registered with NCEES and approved by EGBC. Candidates are encouraged to reserve their seat for biannual events as early as possible.

How Much Does it Cost?

Find more information about application and registration fees on the Fee Schedule.

Throughout your application process, you can expect fees for:

  • An application (assessment) for Designated Structural Engineer (Struct.Eng.).
  • The BC Codes and Practices Exam (charged at the time of exam registration).
  • IStructE Examination, written in BC (charged at the time of exam registration through IStructE).
  • Designation assignment (a one-time fee after designation is granted, which includes a seal and certificate).

After registration is granted, all registrants are subject to annual fees (prorated in the first year of registration).

After Applying

All Designated Structural Engineers are required to submit annual reports of Continuing Education and Continuing Active Practice. Please see the Designated Structural Engineer Requirements guide and Continuing Education webpage for more information.