Program Overview

The Professional Governance Act requires Engineers and Geoscientists BC to develop and implement a mandatory Continuing Education (CE) Program. The core elements of this program were reviewed and approved by Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Council in November 2019 and May 2020, following consultation with registrants.

Council approved recommendations for the new program from the Continuing Education Advisory Committee. These recommendations were considered in developing the program which will focus on maintaining competency in each registrant's area of practice. All registrants will also be required to complete learning activities around ethics and regulations every year.

Work is underway to develop a new Guide for the CE Program and tools to support registrants in meeting their obligations to stay current and align with the new requirements. By January 2021, the new guide will be available for registrants to review in advance of the program becoming mandatory.

Beginning in July 2021, and onwards, registrants should be recording their continuing education activities under the new program.

New Program Components


The CE Program is mandatory and applies to all registrants with practice rights. Non-practising and retired registrants will have to complete minimum requirements to maintain ethical and regulatory competency. Engineers-in-training and geoscientists-in-training are exempt from the program. Registrants can apply for an exemption on a yearly basis for parental, medical, compassionate care leave, or for other extenuating circumstances.

Quantity of Hours

CE hours will be counted over a 3-year rolling period. In each 3-year period, practising registrants must complete at least 60 Continuing Education Hours, or 20 hours a year on average.

Areas of Learning

Areas of learning defined in the new CE Program include technical, ethical, regulatory, and communications and leadership. Practising registrants must complete at least 1 hour of ethical and 1 hour of regulatory learning each year. For the remainder of required CE Hours, the program provides flexibility to registrants in allowing them to identify the areas of learning most relevant to maintaining competency in their scope of practice and focus learning activities across those areas.

CE Plans

Practising registrants must create and maintain a CE plan on an annual basis that notes the registrant’s area of practice, risks of their practice, learning goals, and activities to help meet those goals. A CE plan template will be provided, but registrants can use other templates (e.g., from their employer) provided they contain the same minimum information.

Documentation and Reporting

Registrants must use the online recording system to keep a record of CE hours and activities completed. This record and their individual CE Plan must be updated on an annual basis and CE hours and activities must be reported annually (toward the 3-year rolling period). CE documentation is subject to annual checking and will be evaluated in detail during audits, practice reviews, and investigations to determine compliance.


With the implementation of the new legislation, the CE Program will come into effect in 2021. Registrants will be required to report their CE activities under the new model beginning in July 2021, with the first reporting deadline on June 30, 2022.

Work is underway to develop a guide to the CE Program to support registrants in understanding and meeting the new requirements, and will be available by January 2021. Additional resources are also being developed to support registrants with reporting and documentation, which will include a CE plan template and the online recording system to support registrants in tracking hours and activities.

Communication initiatives are being planned for the fall of 2020 and winter of 2020–2021 to provide more detailed information to registrants ahead of the new program becoming mandatory in 2021 and will include articles, webinars, and FAQs.

More Information

Questions about the Continuing Education Program can be addressed to [email protected].

For information on the current continuing professional development program requirements, visit the following pages: