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Alternative Options for Reporting CE Requirements

Registrants concerned with meeting the June 30 deadline can consider these options for reporting their continuing education (CE) requirements: 

Alternative Options for CE Reporting 

OptionHow It WorksFeesApplication Process
Report late by September 30 Take up to an additional 3 months to complete CE requirements and submit your Annual Reporting. Your registration will remain in good standing if Annual Reporting is submitted by September 30.$200 will be collected as a late completion fee when you submit your Annual Reporting.No application required. Complete CE requirements (including recording at least 60 CE Hours) in your CE Reporting System then submit Annual Reporting and pay the late fee before September 30 to avoid suspension and cancellation.
Change to Non-practising / Retired Status Confirm your eligibility for Non-practising status and then submit the online application.  Once you have Non-practising status, you must still submit your Annual Reporting by June 30 to avoid paying late fees.  
If you reinstate your practice rights within 6 months, you will be required to complete CE requirements which were in-progress or overdue when your license ended (including recording 60 CE Hours). Information about CE for reinstating registrants is found in section 3.1.5 of the Guide to the CE Program
$50 will be collected as a reinstatement fee when you apply for reinstatement. $100 will be collected as a late reporting fee if Annual Reporting is submitted after June 30.  

Apply for Non-practising Status online and then submit your Annual Reporting. Apply for Reinstatement of Practice Rights when you plan to return to practice and pay the $50 reinstatement fee. Your CE Program compliance will be checked after receiving your application for reinstatement.   

Apply for CE Exemption If you are not practising for 6-18 months while on a medical, parental, or compassionate care leave, you may be eligible for an exemption to the ethical, regulatory module, and CE Plan requirements for one reporting year, and a reduction of 10-30 CE Hours for the applicable three-year rolling period. 
Information about CE exemptions is found in section 2.2 of the Guide to the CE Program.
$200 will be collected as a late completion fee if Annual Reporting is submitted after June 30 and is also applicable for late exemption applications received after June 30.

Apply for CE Exemption online and then submit your Annual Reporting.

More Information

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