Council Election

The Call for Nominations for 2022/2023 Council is now closed.

Call for Nominations: 2022/2023 Council

Councillors of Engineers and Geoscientists BC work together to govern the organization, playing an essential role in ensuring the organization fulfills its mandate and lives its values. Individually and collectively, councillors contribute to Engineers and Geoscientists BC at the highest level, and in so doing make an important contribution to the protection of the public and the integrity of the professions of engineering and geoscience in BC.

Service on Council is an exceptional leadership opportunity. We are seeking qualified candidates with diverse experience, skills, and expertise to stand for election to Council. In the summer/fall of 2022, Engineers and Geoscientists BC registrants will elect:

  • 1 president
  • 2 councillors

Council will appoint one of its elected members to serve as vice president.

Who are We Looking for?

We’re seeking candidates who have a strong desire to protect the public and enhance public safety.

Diversity on Council matters. Engineers and Geoscientists BC is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the governance of the professions, and is seeking candidates with diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise. We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion promotes different perspectives and ideas, mitigates against groupthink and ensures the organization has the opportunity to benefit from all available talent in support of good governance. We strongly believe that there needs to be more diversity among council members to better represent the increasing diversity of our province and the professions. Diverse experience, skills, and expertise is needed for strong leadership of the organization.

Qualified Candidates:

  • Are practising, non-practising, or retired professional engineers (P.Eng.), professional geoscientists (P.Geo.) or limited licensees (P.L.Eng. or P.L.Geo.) in good standing;
  • Have relevant skills and experience as listed in the merit-based candidate selection framework – it is not essential to meet every skill or competency;
  • Are committed to serving the public, upholding fiduciary duties to Engineers and Geoscientists BC, and acting in good faith, with objectivity and honesty, and without personal or corporate gain; and
  • Can commit to the time and travel demands of the role and term length.

Service on Engineers and Geoscientists BC’s Council is a significant contribution to the public and the professions. Registrants who make this commitment do so with the understanding that this role’s primary function is to serve the public through the dutiful administration of the Professional Governance Act and regulations. Members of Council have a fiduciary duty to Engineers and Geoscientists BC and must carry out in good faith the duties prescribed to them through legislation and the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Bylaws.

The organization has approved a new remuneration policy to recognize the significant time commitment associated with service on Council, and the need to continue to attract qualified candidates to support the expanded regulatory role of the organization. Remuneration is also considered important from an equity perspective; while some firms compensate their employees for time taken to participate on Council, other individuals may not have access to the same benefits. Remuneration allows individuals who do not have the opportunity to participate through their employer to be compensated for their time. The following rates will apply:
  • President: An annual retainer of $35,000.
  • Councillor: Compensation on a per-meeting basis ($250 for meetings less than four hours/$500 for meetings four hours or more)

Application Process Summary

Prospective candidates begin by completing an online Prospective Nominee Form, which includes:

  • Summary of your interest to serve on Council (~250 words);
  • Summary of your experience related to the desired skills and competencies - it is not essential to meet every skill or competency;
  • Disclosure of duty, interest, or circumstances that might conflict or impact duty to Engineers and Geoscientists BC;
  • Current CV; and
  • Three character and/or experience references.

Following its merit-based selection process, the nomination committee evaluates all prospective nominees using a rating matrix based on the desired skills and competencies. Shortlisted candidates are interviewed by the Nomination Committee to confirm experience and competencies before the committee selects its final list of nominees.

For complete information on the application process, visit the Application Process and Information page.

Important Dates*

Dates Details
Friday, March 11, 2022    Deadline to submit Prospective Nominee Form (by 5:00 PM)
By Monday, April 11, 2022 Prospective nominees shortlisted by the Nomination Committee
April 28 & 29, 2022  Candidate interviews conducted by the Nomination Committee 
By May 11, 2022    Final candidates for election confirmed by the Nomination Committee
By June 30, 2022      List of candidates published

*Dates subject to change


For questions or additional information about the Council nomination and election process, contact Ollie Campbell, Acting Associate Director, Corporate Governance and Strategy, at [email protected]