Engineers and Geoscientists BC

STEM Leaders of the Future

Contest winners

In 2020, we celebrated 100 years of ethics, excellence, and progress. We looked back at our proud history of safety, innovation, and building British Columbia, and looked forward to our vibrant future. With our STEM Leaders of the Future contest, we hoped to inspire future generations of engineers and geoscientists.

The contest asked students in Grades 1 through 12 to think about what they can do today to make the world a safer place for tomorrow. Then, design a project or use items found around the house to create something brand new that addresses one of today’s big issues.

We received creative and innovative submissions from students across the province and are pleased to announce the winner in the following categories:

Grades 1–3: Juergen Gilhuly

Grade 2 Vancouver student Juergen Gilhuly designed the Climate Change Sucker, which sucks up smoke from the environment and produces fresh air. He imagined a machine that operates with an extremely strong HEPA filter. Congratulations Juergen!

Grades 4–6: Emma Robinson

Grade 5 Port Moody student Emma Robinson invented the SolaRain 2050, which produces energy that doesn’t harm the environment and helps save water. She envisions a panel that produces electricity from solar energy and rain and a green roof where fruits and vegetables can grow. Congratulations Emma!

Grades 7–9: Parsa Jafari

Grade 8 North Vancouver student Parsa Jafari invented the CaptureDlaugh, an AI-enhanced emotion detection system that captures your reaction to movies. Then, using AI image processing algorithms, it will create a movie rating system for you and recommends movies based on your past reactions. Congratulations Parsa!

Grades 10–12: Angel Xu

Grade 10 Burnaby student Angel Xu created the Automatic Electric Vehicle System, a convenient, safe, and clean city infrastructure system that uses self-driving solar and electric cars. Congratulations Angel!

Congratulations to our winners and to all the students that submitted an idea. Our future is safe in the hands of these future leaders!