Some applicants for registration are required to attend an interview with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia as part of their assessment process. The interview is a professional peer review of the qualifications and work experience claimed by applicants for registration. They are scheduled through invitation only, and applicants are sent an interview request only after an application for membership and all supporting documentation is received and evaluated.

The Interview Panel consists of professional engineers (P.Eng) or professional geoscientists (P.Geo) from various industries who have volunteered their services to Engineers and Geoscientists BC. Each interviewee is interviewed by two professionals within the discipline and specialty for which they are applying. A staff representative from Engineers and Geoscientists BC may occasionally attend the interview as well. The association video-records all interviews to have an accurate record of the interview session.
Following the interview, the Interview Panel makes recommendations to the Registration Committee, and this committee adjudicates a decision regarding registration.

The interviews are held during business hours at our office at 200-4010 Regent Street, Burnaby.

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Purpose of the Interview




Looking To Exempt

Determines whether the Candidate has acquired adequate knowledge and expertise in their discipline for confirmatory or qualifying examinations to be waived.

Experience Review Determines whether the Candidate has satisfied all of the experience requirements and has demonstrated a progression of experience and responsibility to a professional level.
Out of Discipline

Similar in purpose to the Looking to Exempt interview.

Determines whether a candidate has, through courses, post graduate degrees, seminars, training, or experience, bridged the gap between the engineering or geoscience fundamentals learned at the undergraduate level and the engineering or geoscience fundamentals necessary to support his/her discipline of practice.
Limited License Determines whether the Candidate has gained sufficient satisfactory engineering or geoscience experience to support a limited license, and if so, the scope of the practice permitted.
Special Consideration

Similar in purpose to the Looking to Exempt interview.

Determines whether the Candidate qualifies as a Professional Engineer under the Association’s Special Consideration Clause. The Clause allows for exceptional cases for Candidates who do not meet the formal education requirements but are generally recognized as being an expert in an engineering specialty, or who have provided satisfactory evidence of being particularly well-qualified in a discipline of engineering as judged by the depth and breadth of the academic education and engineering experience.


The Interview Structure and Process

The Chair will open the meeting by explaining the purpose of the interview. The Candidate will then be asked to provide a brief five to ten minute oral overview of their experience. Using the overview and experience details/resume as a guide, the panel will ask specific questions to assess how the Candidate applied engineering principles and used engineering judgment.  The Candidate will have time during the interview to expand on the details of their experience. The panel will look for evidence of progression of experience and responsibility at a professional level. The Candidate may be asked situational questions that fall outside their area of expertise, or questions related to the fundamental engineering or geoscience principles in the area of their expertise.  At the end of the interview the Candidate will be provided the opportunity to elaborate on anything important that they feel may have been missed during the interview.

The Interview Lead will then make some closing remarks and advise the Candidate when to expect to know the outcome of their registration assessment (usually 4 to 6 weeks).

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