Engineers and Geoscientists BC

Character Requirement & Hearings

The Professional Governance Act places the responsibility on those applying for registration with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia to prove that they are of good character and good repute. For guidance on why good character and good repute are essential to those practising the professions of engineering and geoscience in Canada, see the Engineers Canada National Guideline on Good Character.

Assessment of Good Character and Repute

During the application process, all applicants must answer questions which assist the organization in determining whether the applicant is of good character and good repute. These questions allow applicants to self-report conduct or circumstances that may raise issues about the applicant’s character. If an applicant provides an affirmative answer to any of these questions, the applicant must provide full and detailed particulars to Engineers and Geoscientists BC, including supporting documentation. Applicants commit to inform the organization if their answers to the questions have changed at any time during the application process.

Other information—including comments of referees, decisions related to the applicant by the courts or by other regulatory bodies, the existence of a criminal record, and complaints against the applicant—will also be taken into account as applicable.

Review by the Credentials Committee

An affirmative answer to any of the good character questions in the application or a concern in any one area related to good character and good repute do not necessarily mean that a candidate will be denied registration by Engineers and Geoscientists BC—rather that more investigation is necessary. The information provided by each applicant and received from third parties is thoroughly reviewed by the Credentials Committee. If an applicant’s character and repute are in question, a Credentials Hearing is convened to determine whether the applicant is suitable for registration.

Credentials Hearings

A Credentials Hearing is a quasi-judicial proceeding adjudicated by the Registrar, to whom the Board has delegated its authority to decide whether the applicant is of the good character and good repute required to render him or her suitable for registration. Credentials Hearings are conducted in accordance with 5.19 of the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Bylaws.

Schedule of Credentials Hearings

Credentials Hearings are open to the public unless in the opinion of the Registrar, it would be appropriate to hold some or all of a particular hearing in private. Anyone interested in attending should contact Engineers and Geoscientists BC in advance to confirm the time and location of the hearing.

No Registration Hearings are currently scheduled.

Registration Admissions Hearings Decisions

Details of the Registrar’s decision on an anonymized basis are available by clicking on the Applicant in question.



Effective Date

Applicant ‘A’Dishonesty to employerJanuary 18, 2017
Applicant 'B'Cheating on examinationMay 28, 2018