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Scholarships are available for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students pursuing studies in engineering and geoscience. The scholarships listed below are offered by the Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation, Engineers and Geoscientists BC Branches, and relevant external organizations. 

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Scholarships for Graduating High School Students

Entrance and entrance transfer scholarships for BC's graduating high school students entering engineering or geoscience programs: 

ScholarshipsValueOpen toDescription
Post-Secondary Entrance Scholarships $2,500High school graduates entering engineering or earth science programs at select BC schoolsThe Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation offers several entry scholarships to British Columbia high school graduates entering engineering or earth science programs at the University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and the University of Northern British Columbia.
Post-Secondary Transfer Scholarships $2,500High school graduates entering engineering transfer programs The Foundation offers scholarship to British Columbia high school graduates entering engineering transfer programs. 
Keith E Fenton Memorial Scholarship$4,000
High school graduates entering civil engineering programs 
The Keith E Fenton Memorial Engineering Scholarship supports a BC high school graduate entering civil engineering programs in BC. Keith was always generous with his time and knowledge, particularly helping young engineers find their way.

Scholarships for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students 

The Foundation offers several scholarships to undergraduate engineering and geoscience students in BC. A student is only eligible for one Engineers and Geoscientists BC Foundation scholarship each academic year. If you are successful in more than one Foundation scholarship competition, you will only receive the award with the highest value. 

ScholarshipsValueOpen toDescription
BC Hydro–Engineers and Geoscientists BC Scholarships $2,500Undergraduate engineering and earth science students in BC BC Hydro and Engineers and Geoscientists BC have united efforts to develop this scholarship program, focussing on encouraging students to continue their goal of becoming professional engineers or geoscientists.  
Frank Baumann Bursary $2,500Undergraduate  
engineering and geoscience students in BC
The Frank Baumann Bursary is available to a deserving BC student enrolled in an engineering or geoscience program who is pursuing studies in the area of geohazards. 
Brian Nadjiwon Scholarship $2,500Indigenous undergraduate students in earth sciences or geoscience programs The Brian Nadjiwon Scholarship is open to Indigenous undergraduate students in earth sciences or geoscience programs in BC. 
Engineers and Geoscientists BC Student Program Scholarships $2,500Undergraduate students enrolled in Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Student Program The Student Member Scholarships recognize undergraduate students whose volunteer, employment, or personal actions over the past year have enhanced the image of the engineering or geoscience professions. 
Matthias Jakob Memorial Scholarship$5,0003rd year or higher undergraduate engineering and geoscience students in BCThe Matthias Jakob Memorial Scholarship is available to a visionary and inspired BC student enrolled in a 3rd year or higher engineering or geoscience program.

Branch and Regional Scholarships 

ScholarshipsValueOpen toDescription
Victoria Branch Richard Talbot Award $2,5003rd and 4th year undergraduate engineering students at University of Victoria Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Victoria Branch established two scholarships specifically to support third and fourth-year engineering students at the University of Victoria (UVic). 
Fourth Year Okanagan Branch/UBC Okanagan Scholarship $2,5004th year undergraduate engineering and geoscientist students at UBC Okanagan The Okanagan Branch of Engineers and Geoscientists BC has established this scholarship specifically to support fourth year students in Engineering and Geoscience at the Okanagan Campus of the University of British Columbia in Kelowna, BC.  
Henderson Rains Scholarship $2,5002nd year undergraduate engineering students at UBC Okanagan The Foundation is pleased to offer the Henderson Rains Scholarship specifically to support second-year engineering students at UBC Okanagan. 
$1,000Undergraduate engineering and geoscience students at University of Northern BC Engineers and Geoscientists BC's Central Interior Branch established this scholarship specifically to support the engineering and geoscience programs at the University of Northern BC. 

External Scholarships

ScholarshipsValueOpen toDescription
Geoscience BC Scholarships  $5,000Postgraduate earth science or geoscience students working on an M.Sc. or PhD  Geoscience BC will award up to ten scholarships to students who have registered and started in a M.Sc. or PhD program in earth science, geoscience or applied geoscience. Applicants must be working on a British Columbia-focused geoscience thesis topic with applications to the discovery and development of mineral or energy resources (minerals, oil and gas, geothermal, coal, and water). 
The Engineers Canada Leadership Scholarship$4,0002nd year undergraduate engineering students Engineers Canada awards these scholarships to undergraduate engineering students returning in the fall who have completed one year of engineering studies and who demonstrate potential to be leaders in advancing engineering in Canada. 
Engineers Canada-Manulife Scholarship $12,500P.Eng pursuing further study or research in engineering  The Engineers Canada-Manulife scholarships support engineers returning to university for further studies or research in an engineering field. 
Engineers Canada- TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship $7,500P.Eng pursuing further study or research outside the field of engineering The Engineers Canada-TD Insurance Meloche Monnex scholarships provide financial assistance to engineers returning to university for further studies or research in a field other than engineering. 
Society of Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals of BC Scholarships $5,000 and upGraduate students in applied science and engineering in BC The CSAP Society is supporting the next generation of Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals by offering up to two $5,000 scholarships and one $7,000 scholarship annually to science and engineering graduate students whose studies are relevant to the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. 
Applicants must be enrolled in and have started a science or engineering program leading to a post graduate project or thesis and have a clearly defined research project (can be full thesis or a major project for a coursework masters) and demonstrate the relevance of the research to the investigation and remediation of contaminated sites.
The deadline for applications is in late March of each year.

Scholarships for Women 

ScholarshipsValueOpen toDescription
Women in Consulting Engineering Vancouver Scholarships 
Up to $1,000Woman-identifying and non-binary graduating high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate students, as well as professionals pursuing continuing education 
WCE Vancouver is pleased to offer multiple scholarship awards  available for students and professionals pursuing education, training, conferences, etc. The scholarship is open to self-identifying girls and women and non-binary people who are comfortable in spaces that focus on and are driven by the experience of women.  
Sheri Plewes Scholarship for Women in Engineering 
$2,500Woman-identifying upper year undergraduate student in BC  The Foundation is pleased to offer the Sheri Plewes Scholarship to a woman-identifying full-time undergraduate student in an accredited engineering program at a BC university.  
Women in Technology & Indigenous Women In Technology Scholarships 
$10,000Woman-identifying undergraduate engineering students in BC 
Women in Technology & Indigenous Women in Technology Scholarships are available through the Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society. 15 scholarships will be awarded in August. 
Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation Scholarships 
$5,000 and upWomen in undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programs in Canada 
For women in engineering students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programs in Canada. 
Tricia J. Cook Memorial Fund 
$2,500Women returning to engineering or geoscience after parental leave 
An annual award to an outstanding woman in engineering or geoscience returning to her chosen profession after parental leave. The award is to assist with the costs related to skills upgrade and professional development in preparation for return to work, which could include, for example, child-care expenses, post-secondary tuition fees, fees for continuing education courses, professional dues, and costs related to back-to-work safety equipment.