Competency-Based Assessment

The Engineers and Geoscientists BC Competency Experience Reporting System is now

This change is the result of a multi-year project supported by Engineers Canada to adapt the system for use by regulators in other jurisdictions across Canada. 

About the Competency Experience Reporting System

Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia’s online system for recording, assessing, and validating engineering work experience allows applicants to identify how they meet the association’s seven competency categories for professional engineering registration.

Competency Assessment Guide containing detailed information on how to navigate the system is available. A free webinar titled Tips on Improving your Professional Engineer's Application is available for viewing in the Online Store.

Who Can Use the System

Student members, engineers-in-training, engineer licensees, and professional engineer applicants of the association in all areas of practice are eligible to use the Competency Experience Reporting System.

The Competencies

A list of all 34 key competencies  with generic indicators is available.

Discipline-specific technical competency indicators are available for the following areas of practice:

Validation and Assessment

An applicant using the system is required to select one example from his/her work history that best highlights an appropriate exposure level to a specific key competency. These examples will require validation from individuals who have direct, first-hand knowledge of the work conducted (usually a supervisor and/or colleague). Once all examples have been validated, the assessment stage begins and involves assessors from the association reviewing all of the competency examples and validator comments.

All individuals taking part in an application (e.g., the applicant, validators, and assessors) will need to apply a rating to the work experience example that is provided. It is recommended that all parties reference the Competency Rating Scale Summary.   


For competency support please contact [email protected].

After Completing Your Self-Assessment

A formal assessment will not be conducted until an application for P.Eng. membership or Eng.L. membership is submitted. Once an individual has formally applied for P.Eng. or Eng.L., and has submitted a competency self-assessment which has been validated, it takes approximately 2–4 months to review your application. Please ensure that you have submitted all of the required documents for your application.

For additional information about checking the status of your application please see Application Status.