Engineering Syllabus

What is a Syllabus For?

A Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia syllabus lists the topics that are required knowledge in a particular discipline. Each syllabus also contains a self-assessment checklist, and a list of recommended textbooks for each topic.If you are a new applicant and are not academically qualified in your discipline of registration or licensure, a syllabus helps you by:

  • Listing each topic in each discipline, to help you decide what discipline most closely matches your expertise
  • Providing you with a self-assessment checklist to compare your academic qualifications to each topic requirement in a particular discipline
  • Instructions for completing syllabus and course descriptions

If you are an examination candidate, the syllabus helps you by providing:

  • Recommended textbooks for each examination topic
  • A full description of the topics on your examination  

Engineering Syllabi

Topics common to all disciplines:

Topics specific to each discipline:

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